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Moving from UK to Madrid in Spain – costs

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Average costs of moving to Madrid from the UK

Planning your move to Madrid from the UK? Discover the average costs of removals to Spain with our comprehensive guide. Whether you’re looking for full-scale removals or cost-effective part load removals to Spain, our detailed breakdown will help you budget effectively for your relocation. We specialize in providing seamless international removals, offering insights into the cost of removals to Spain, and ensuring a smooth transition to your new home.

Our service offers a range of volume and weight options to suit every need, including 5, 10, 15, 20, and even 30 cubic meters, tailored to our years of expertise in the international removals industry. This variety not only facilitates on-the-fly removal quote calculations but also reflects our commitment to meeting your unique requirements. For those with specific items like bicycles or white goods, we’re here to help. Contact us to discuss your needs, and let’s tailor a solution that fits, ensuring your move is as hassle-free as possible.

Madrid, Spain’s captivating capital, isn’t just popular – it’s a vibrant tapestry of culture, art, and history waiting to be explored. Imagine yourself strolling through sun-drenched plazas, savouring tapas in bustling markets, or catching a world-class flamenco performance. Let us help make your Madrid dream a reality with our seamless removals to Spain services!

Here are example quotes for a small removal – 5m3 or 175 cubic feet – up to 300 kg:

  1. London to Madrid – £899,
  2. Bristol to Madrid – £949,
  3. Birmingham to Madrid – £959,
  4. Newcastle to Madrid – £959

If you’d take a more significant load – 10m3 – up to 600kg – you are looking at £1169 from London and £1239 from Bristol or Birmingham.

We also prepared quotes for larger options – 15 and 20 cubic meters:

  1. London to Madrid – £2039 for 15 cubic meters and £2709 for 20 cubic meters,
  2. Bristol to Madrid – – £1909 for 15 cubic meters and £2519 for 20 cubic meters,
  3. Birmingham to Madrid – £2039 for 15 cubic meters and £2719 for 20 cubic meters,
  4. Newcastle to Madrid – £2039 for 15 cubic meters and £2719 for 20 cubic meters

As evident, removal costs to Spain closely align with the distance from your collection point to your destination. For a precise cost breakdown, we encourage you to utilize our instant removal widget. A handy tip: don’t forget to inquire about potential discounts. Our customer service team is always ready to notify you of any savings opportunities.

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You can choose from 5 different volume options – from small to large removals.

Understanding the Costs of Moving from Manchester, UK to Madrid, Spain

Relocating from Manchester to the vibrant city of Madrid involves careful planning and understanding of the associated costs. Our removal service offers a range of options tailored to meet your moving needs, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home in Spain. Below, we’ve broken down the costs for different capacities of removals, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Available Removal Options and Costs:

  1. 10 m³ option: Ideal for smaller moves, accommodating up to 600kg. This option requires a £125.9 deposit, with the total cost coming to £1259.
  2. 15 m³ option: Suitable for medium-sized moves, with a capacity of up to 1200kg. A £205.9 deposit is needed, with a total cost of £2059.
  3. 20 m³ option: Perfect for more substantial relocations, allowing up to 1500kg. This service requires a £272.9 deposit, totalling £2729.
  4. 30 m³ option: Our largest offering, designed for extensive moves, can accommodate up to 2400kg. This requires a £336.9 deposit, with a grand total of £3369.

What’s Included in the Quote?

Our quotes are comprehensive, covering various essential aspects of your move to Madrid:

  • Ferry and customs fees, ensuring your belongings cross borders smoothly.
  • Fuel for the entire journey, with no hidden extra charges.
  • The first hour of the driver’s assistance with loading and unloading your items.
  • Standard Goods in Transit Insurance, offering coverage up to 20,000 GBP per van, for added peace of mind.
  • All fees and charges, including any fines, caused by our negligence. This also covers delays or unforeseen events beyond our control, ensuring no unexpected costs.
  • The price includes British 20% VAT, providing clarity on the total cost.

Additional Costs to Consider

While our quotes cover the majority of the moving process, there are a few services not included:

  • Packing service and the disassembling and assembling of furniture are available upon request but are not included in the initial quote.
  • Should you require additional assistance beyond the first hour, our driver can help with loading and unloading at a rate of 20 GBP per hour, payable directly in cash.
  • Extra insurance options are available for those seeking further coverage beyond the standard offering.

When planning your move from Manchester to Madrid, it’s crucial to consider these factors to ensure a seamless relocation experience. Whether you’re moving a few essential items or your entire household, our tailored options are designed to fit your unique moving needs.

Please note that the prices outlined above are valid for February 2024. As market conditions and operational costs may change, we recommend contacting us directly for the most current and accurate pricing for your move from Manchester, UK, to Madrid, Spain. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and support for your relocation needs.

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Instant removal quote

MyCheapRemovals, as not many of removal services provider, can send you an instant removal quote. Here last few for a guide:

Alicante, Spain Chester, UK£1019£1369£2249
Frankfurt, Germany Driffield, UK£719£949£1459
Nottingham, Egyesült Királyság Budapest, Magyarország£1119£1399£2209
Waltham Abbey, UK Wrocław, Poland£719£889£1409
London, UK Wrocław, Poland£719£879£1409
London, UK Geneva, Switzerland£1039£1659£2269
Cambridge, UK Berlin, Germany£839£1129£1679

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