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Frequently Asked Questions answered by MyCheapRemovals customer service

Here at MyCheapRemovals we know from experience that moving abroad or moving back to the UK may be a little bit complicated and raise a few questions. Here you can find most common with answers.


How to receive the quote and book your removal?

To get a quotation, you need to fill in the Instant Quote form at the top or on the side of the page. The email with three quotes will be sent to you immediately after your request.

In some cases, due to geography, we’ll have to check in our logistic department the details and you may need to wait up to 12 hours for a quote during weekdays.

To book your move, please check your email with MyCheapRemovals quotes and click the button “BOOK NOW” next to the volume you need. Then the website will guide you through the booking process.

Is it possible to pay the deposit to secure my booking rather than paying the full amount in advance?

Of course, it is possible. Upon completing the online booking process you will be asked to pay the booking deposit – it’s 10% of the total service price.

How and when shall I pay the remaining balance?

There are two ways of paying the balance.

  1. You can pay the remaining balance in cash to our driver BEFORE unloading.
  2. You can also pay the balance to our bank account, and send us a paying-in slip BEFORE unloading.

Do I need to pay in pounds sterling?

You can pay the remaining balance either in pounds sterling or in euros. Please let us know beforehand if you are going to pay in euros so that we could calculate the price for you.

Do my belongings need to be boxed?

You do not need to put all of your items into the boxes. You can put your belongings into the luggage, or anything that will protect them. If you move furniture, it does not have to be dismantled, securing it with a bubble wrap should be enough. Please bear in mind, that sufficient packaging is the customer’s responsibility.

What is the difference between a part load and a dedicated van options?

In part-load options (5m3 and 10m3) you will share the van with other customers. This option is cheaper and requires more flexibility from the customer, as we need a three-day window for collection. A dedicated van option enables you to choose the exact date and time for collection, as the van will be just for you. Once a dedicated van is loaded, it goes straight to the delivery address.

 Do I have to pay extra for driver’s help with loading and unloading?

If the loading takes up to one hour – then it is free. If it takes more than one hour, then you will be charged £20 per every additional hour of driver’s work, payable on the spot to the driver in cash.

Do you require any paperwork?

The only paperwork we require is an Inventory list, that you need to fill in with the list of your belongings, their volumes, weight and approximate value. It is necessary for Insurance purposes. For the Inventory list to be valid, it needs to be sent back to us before the collection. You will receive a template for this with booking confirmation.

What is covered by Insurance and what is not?

We offer a standard Insurance which covers such incidents as theft of your belongings, damage to your goods caused by car crashes and other road accidents, our driver’s negligence while loading or unloading the goods.

The insurance does not cover any damage to your goods due to insufficient packaging. Your goods may slightly move in transit, so make sure that the fragile items or pieces of furniture are properly secured.

Also, please bear in mind, that the Insurance covers the damage only if we are provided with the Insurance Form before, or on the collection date.

What if the value of my load exceeds the value of your Insurance?

We offer only the Standard Insurance up to 20 000 GBP per van. If the value of your load goes beyond this sum, you should think of some additional Insurance. As we do not have a Premium Insurance in our offer, so it is up to you which Insurance company you choose.

Please insert the fair value of each item into the Inventory list. The Insurer will not provide for overestimated items.

What if the delivery is delayed? Can we expect any discount?

As the situation on the road may be quite unpredictable, we always give a few-hour time slot for both collection and delivery. In the unlikely event of the driver not manage to fit into the scheduled timeframe, you will be informed about it in advance. We do not offer any discounts for the delays which are due to external factors, such as traffic or unfavourable weather conditions.

How to make a claim on the Insurance?

To make a claim, please take the pictures of all the damaged goods and send it to us. You can attach a note describing the incident and other details worth mentioning.

After that, your claim will be forwarded to our Insurer.

What about my deposit if I cancel the removal?

If you cancel the removal, we charge you a cancellation fee which is the equivalent of the deposit. It means, that there is no way to receive back the deposit, once you place an order.

What exactly is included in the service?

The service includes:

  • ferry fees
  • fuel for the whole transport
  • an hour of our driver’s assistance with loading (collection) and hour-long assistance with unloading on destination
  • standard GIT Insurance (up to 20,000 GBP per van)
  • fees and charges (including fines) caused by our negligence

What is NOT included in the service?

We do not provide:

  • Packing materials,
  • Preparation of your household for removal,
  • Storage for your items,
  • Organising essential paperwork for a move to either Switzerland or Norway,
  • Dismantling of fittings and furniture items.

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What our customers saying

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Johanna Röhrig
Johanna Röhrig

11:08 08 May 20

Finding this company was just the absolute jackpot. Sylwia was SO great in emailing/talking to me ahead of the removal, the driver was very friendly and so quick, and then 18 hrs later it was done already. Don’t even need to begin to talk about their prices, they were BY FAR the cheapest. Can 500% recommend them!!!!read more

Juan Bouis
Juan Bouis

19:39 02 Mar 20

All good. driver came on time and was very professional. Boxes picked up on Friday morning in London and delivered on Saturday morning in Luxembourg. Very good service. I recommend.read more

James Massey
James Massey

07:32 20 Jan 20

Best price available for our move to Lithuania from the UK, by some margin. Driver helped load and unload the van. All our belongings arrived when promised and intact. Sometimes a bit difficult to get hold of before the move, which was unsettling, but it was around Christmas, so maybe expected. All good in the end.read more

Lydia Wild
Lydia Wild

15:46 10 Nov 19

Germany to UK in 1 day.

Really cheap! Nice, fast and strong staff.
Everything arrived safely, nothing broken.
Flexible with pick-up and drop-off times.

We prepared everything on our own and helped loading/unloading.read more

Stine Bang
Stine Bang

20:30 09 Nov 19

Everything went smoothly and the driver was super helpful. The transport was almost too fast (2 days from UK to Denmark) and beat us to the destination! Someone was already on the address to receive it though, so it wasn’t a problem for us. A little unusual to pay the remainder on arrival instead of online but wasn’t an issue. Would use again.read more

Katie Greybe
Katie Greybe

18:45 20 Oct 19

From experience, you get what you pay for, so I wasn’t expecting the best service for the price (the lowest I was quoted from several removal companies), but it was fantastic from start to finish. I was slightly suspicious of all the rave reviews but they clearly reflect the great service they provide. Highly recommend.read more

Dani Olds
Dani Olds

20:24 17 Oct 19

Really efficient and friendly service – very good value for money. Sylwia and Natalia were always quick to answer emails and inform us of any changes. The driver was friendly and helpful. All our stuff arrived safely at the time agreed. I would definitely recommend MyCheapRemovals!read more

Luke Gorrie
Luke Gorrie

13:56 03 Oct 19

Great service. Our driver Piotr was friendly and professional, he packed everything very carefully, and delivered it all safely and exactly on time. We will use MyCheapRemovals again the next time we’re moving around Europe.read more

Zubaid Sakhisada
Zubaid Sakhisada

09:05 01 Oct 19

The Best of the Best!
I had so many other quotes and none were that cheap.
I arranged the removal for my parents from London to Germany and I was dealing with Sylwia, she was so polite and professional. 10 stars for her.
The drivers were so nice 10 stars for them.
I Definitely would recommend them!!!!!
Great job👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
read more

Felicia Kodderitzsch
Felicia Kodderitzsch

09:45 05 Sep 19

Super efficient! The only removal company I have ever dealt with that picked up and delivered down to the minute as planned. The driver was really helpful in helping load and unload the van and the MyCheapRemovals team were incredibly responsive. Would recommend!read more

photoworkers Andreas Gemperle
photoworkers Andreas Gemperle

10:11 04 Sep 19

fast, cheap, helpful, reliable

from art gallery in london to photoworkers.ch in switzerland in 1 day!

instant or pre- payment requiredread more

Danielle Gravon
Danielle Gravon

09:37 23 Aug 19

Excellent service! I will definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone. I moved from Manchester, UK to Antwerp, Belgium. Sylwia was extremely helpful with organising around my small window of time and promptly answered all of my emails. Jarosław was right on time and his relaxed attitude made me a lot less anxious and stressed. He make the loading process quick and easy. He met me during the time stated in the email, and the unloading went quickly too! Thank you both! (Not to mention they have the most competitive prices!)read more

Ian M
Ian M

05:41 20 Aug 19

Excellent service, used them to transport belongings from Switzerland to the UK. Far cheaper than other companies and delivered on time with no issues.read more

John Reddie
John Reddie

15:50 13 Aug 19

Found MCR after some searching. Currently in the south of France awaiting second delivery which left Oxfordshire earlier today exactly as planned. Their first trip two weeks ago worked like a charm and included multiple pickups (en-route) at no extra cost. Driver was really helpful and punctual. Sylwia in the office is efficient and resourceful. I can’t recommend this firm highly enough…

Johnread more

James Carr
James Carr

12:54 31 Jul 19

I have used your service twice from Belgium to Donegal Ireland. As you can imagine I have no complaints. Highly recommended. I will be using the service in the future also.read more


12:51 13 Apr 19

We had a stressful move from the UK to Italy with poor access at both ends – I was amazed at how many service providers ignored the extra information I was giving them and just quoted for something ‘straightforward’. This would lead to limited access and probably extra costs being ‘discussed’ on the day. MyCheapRemovals did listen and checked they could do a door to door service before agreeing the quote. We did calculate the weight beforehand, got it really wrong as it turned out and our stuff was loaded despite the drivers concerns about the weight – our poor driver got stopped 3 times by the French Police and fined, we paid the fines as we should when we ignored the advice. Note if you get stopped overloaded in the UK, they don’t let you move until the load is split with another van – a cost you would also have to bear. In France, they let you go on, probably pinging a colleague down the motorway so they can also stop your lorry :). Anyhoo – well distributed loading and care taken with our fragile items – we helped load and unload which is part and parcel of this type of service. Everything turned up in Italy as it left the UK and on time, despite all the stopping and fines. I dont think there are any movers who can take away the stress of big moves completely and quotes definitely do not correlate to quality of service. Sylvia in the office and Tomasz our driver were great. Top tip – use a language translation app to communicate if there are language challenges on one or both sides, helps loads and the novelty of hearing your phone do the talking doesnt wear off for ages ! The price was great, the service was also great all without bells, whisltes and frills – I am happy to recommend My Cheap Removals based on my experience.read more


13:00 20 Mar 19

Amazing service!!! The girls in the office are very kind and helpful. They are the cheapest on the market and for this reason I was a bit skeptical at the beginning but I absolutely change my mind after the delivery of my things. Amazing service once again! I will use it again this summer!read more

Michelle Hennessy
Michelle Hennessy

15:02 15 Feb 19

We booked the removals van for 9am Monday, 19th November. On the Saturday before, I received an email to say that the van had broken down so the van could not come until Tuesday. I tried to call, email and text to explain that this was unacceptable as my partner had flights and a hire car booked but received no reply until the next day. They said they would do their best to get a van to us before my partner’s flight was due!
When the van arrived on Monday afternoon, it was not what we expected. The van did not have full, solid sides but a plastic sheeting that was ripped and taped up in several places. The driver barely communicated with us (perhaps mainly because he did not speak any English) and the whole removal was very rushed. The driver did not have a sack barrow so he and my partner had to carry out an extremely heavy wood burning stove between them. My partner made his flight in time but the whole removal was hectic.

I was contacted the next day to explain that the driver would not arrive at our house in Spain until Wednesday evening instead of Wednesday morning. I explained that this would be no good as it would be dark so it would be better to wait until Thursday morning. (They agreed to this as though they were doing us a favour!) Before the van got to our house in Spain, I exchanged several emails with the woman who had been my point of contact. I explained that the weekend prior to the move had been worrying and stressful as we did not know if we had a van or not and that she should offer some kind of discount in the way of compensation. Eventually, she reluctantly agreed to give us a discount of £50. (although I commented that £100 would have been more appropriate, especially as we would have got a £100 discount had we booked by the end of August!)
After the removals van had been and gone from our house in Spain, I again contacted the woman I had been dealing with to inform her that the driver was not aware of any discount and so my partner had given him the full £2000. (It was actually £1990 so the driver put £10 aside for himself.) I was absolutely shocked and appalled by the emails I then received. She said that my partner had only given the driver £1850 and said, “Let me just ignore your bold remark and take care of customers who really need my help.” I replied asking whatever happened to good old fashioned customer service and the customer’s always right etc but she did not reply. Hence the reason I am writing this review! She insinuated that my partner stole money…but it is obviously either the driver who is dishonest or the woman is in on it too! My partner said that the driver began to count the money out in front of him but his hands were shaking so much that he was incapable and my partner had to take over! (too much liquor en route?!)
I would never ever use this company again, would not recommend them and would discourage anyone from using them after the experience we had. They are very unprofessional, unreliable and dishonest.read more

Nick Francis
Nick Francis

14:57 25 Nov 18

Excellent service. The collection was on time and quick and the drop off, despite being in a narrow cobbled street in France, went very well and the furniture was carried up 3 flights of stairs without a problem. Couldn’t have been better – would thoroughly recommend.read more

Josef Klitsch
Josef Klitsch

14:35 07 Nov 18

Moved from Switzerland to London. Company helped with assessment of shipping volume. Two vans arrived in time. Drivers were very helpful. With help of neighbors, friends and drivers a few furniture pieces (including a piano) and many, many boxes which (we had packed ourselves) were loaded onto the vans. Shipping goods arrived as expected in London. Considering price – performance we are satisfied with the service provided after all.read more

Dom Ullmann
Dom Ullmann

10:03 06 Oct 18

Very reasonable price, booked the van on Monday, on Thursday it came to the location in the UK to pick up my things and the following morning it was ready to be unloaded at my new place in the Netherlands. Very good service and I got prompt answers to all my questions.
Would recommend.
read more

Little Kitty
Little Kitty

10:11 12 Sep 18

Great service ! Everything went really smoothly and Gregor was extremely helpful and hardworking. Also the price is a bonus. The only thing I did not understand is why the man transported all the items by hand rather by a trolley. Other than all positiveread more

Celine Ocean
Celine Ocean

08:56 12 Sep 18

Great service. Friendly staff. All arrived in good condition and on time.

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  • Finding this company was just the absolute jackpot. Sylwia was SO great in emailing/talking to me ahead of the removal, the driver was very friendly and so quick, and then 18 hrs late... Read More
  • All good. driver came on time and was very professional. Boxes picked up on Friday morning in London and delivered on Saturday morning in Luxembourg. Very good service. I recommend.
  • Germany to UK in 1 day. Really cheap! Nice, fast and strong staff. Everything arrived safely, nothing broken. Flexible with pick-up and drop-off times. We prepared everything on our... Read More

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