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You can call us on 01942 409 822, 01942 938 222 or 01942 409 821 if you have any questions regarding international removal


Are you looking for a reliable and quick removal service for a reasonable price? Our MCR team is more than happy to meet your needs and make your removal experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Our customer service will help you choose the best volume option and arrange the collection and delivery dates. They will also organise your move in terms of customs and update you on the removal process.

The driver will appear on time to assist you with loading your goods into the van. He will help you carry the goods, even if you live on the 9th floor with no lift.

Be prepared for a delivery on the following day! It usually takes 24 hours to deliver the goods, unless the distance between the pickup and delivery addresses exceeds 1000 km.

Use the Quotation Form at the top of the page. The quote will pop up in your mailbox immediately!

How to start proceedings with your international removal?

  1. Fill in the Quotation Form. Choose the places of collection and delivery from the drop-down options. Select the estimated volume and date of your removal. You will receive the quotation with all the volume options available in our offer.
  2. Check your email. The quotation is already there – some exclusions apply (especially if you are moving to or from Ireland).  You can compare the quote for the selected volume with other volumes in our offer. Small and Large removal options are available.
  3. Discuss the details with the customer specialist assigned to you. They will send you an email just to say hello and offer a discount.
  4. Book a removal by clicking the button BOOK NOW in your quote. The system will transfer you to the online booking form.

That’s it. Super easy and convenient.


Luton van for removals - size guide
Small and large removals volumes explained – what is 5, 10 and 15 cubic meters?

Start early, declutter some space, make sure you label all boxes … just a few tips before you move. 7 tips before you move.  

Removal boxes comparison
Cheapest removal boxes kits comparison

Removals with MyCheapRemovals – FAQ.

Although you can find answers to most of the questions you may have before you book an international removal service with us on our website across different sections, here are the most common ones we hear from our customers.

How to fill up the inventory list for international removal?

Provided by MyCheapRemovals inventory list is in Excel spreadsheet format. If you don’t have Microsoft Excel (or any software that can import this format) you can try Google Sheets. Implemented formulas require dimensions in meters and weight in kilograms.
For example, if you have 10 boxes, measuring: 30cm by 35 by 50cm you need to enter in the column: “How many?” – 10, and in sizes: 0.3, 0.35 and 0.5. Weight can be roughly estimated, as well as value.

Do we need to use only boxes?

Although boxes are the most common way to pack your belongings during a move, you can also use suitcases, plastic boxes or other packing items that are convenient for you. Wrap for example will allow you to protect your items and also help to transport things such as drawers. As long as your load is securely packed/wrapped for the journey we are fine with that!

Is there an option to load or unload my goods to storage?

The simple answer – yes. We will require help with loading and unloading, as if this collection is from a house / flat, however, if you struggle with finding help we can arrange it. It will depend on the total volume and weight and it will incur additional fees. Please contact us to discuss the details.

Removal quote – what’s more important: volume or weight?

MyCheapRemovals offers 5 volume options: 5m3 – 300kg, 10m3 – 600kg, 15m3 – 1200kg, 20m3 – 1500 and 30m3 – 2400kg. It comes from quite a number of years of experience. Unfortunately, we cannot modify it, so if your consignment will be only 3 cubic meters but 450kg, you will have to order a 10 cubic meters option.

Do we provide a tail lift option and if so, is there an additional charge?

Yes, we do provide a tail lift option, so if you think you will require such help – please let us know. Consider this especially if you’ll be moving white goods – fridges, washing machines or tumble dryers. The additional charge for that is £100-£150 and it won’t be included in the removal quote.

Will my load be transferred to another van/lory?

To make the international removal with MyCheapRemovals process swift and efficient we may transfer goods to another van or lorry on rare occasions, and this will apply only to part load (5 or 10 cubic meters). Our logistics team is very experienced and avoids situations, so you can be sure your goods will be unloaded in the same condition as they were loaded.

Removals to Germany


Are you moving from the UK to Germany?   We offer professional and very cost-effective removal services from any place in the UK to Germany. If you moving back – we can help you too. Check our instant removal quote or call our customer service. Secure your removal from London to Cologne with the only £77 deposit

Removals to France


If Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse or any other place in France is your destination for your next move, check our Instant Removal Quote for the lowest rates. If you moving to a flat  – probably part load will be the best option for you. Moving to a house? Quite possible you’d need something bigger.  We have it all.

Removals to Italy


Moving to or from Italy? Are you worried about the costs? You are in very good hands. For the best removal rates use our Instant Removal Quote or talk to our customer service. We’ll take care of your belongings all the way down to Italy or back to the UK. You can secure your removal from London to Turin with only £46.

Removals to Spain


Moving to Spain from the UK? With MyCheapRemovals starts from only £939 (Canterbury to Bilbao for small removal). Our prices include recently introduced customs fees.

Removals to Ireland


Moving to Ireland from only as little as £1159 with MyCheapRemovals (Liverpool to Dublin 5 cubic meters – part load option).

Removals to Portugal


Removals to Portugal – Moving to Porto from only as little as £1019 with MyCheapRemovals (London to Porto 5 cubic meters option).

Removals services from the UK to Scandinavia

Removals to Norway


Moving to Norway? With MyCheapRemovals starts from only £909 (London to  Oslo – 5 cubic meters).

Removals to Sweden


Moving to Sweden from only as little as £1029 with MyCheapRemovals (London to Malmo 5 cubic meters).

Removals to Finland


Moving to Finland from only as little as £879 with MyCheapRemovals (London to Turku 5 cubic meters).

Cheap removals to Eastern Europe

Removals to Latvia

Small removal services from London to Riga starting from as little as £699

Removals to Lithuania

Part load removal services from London to Viluns from as little as £699

Removals to Slovakia

Looking for a cheap removal to Bratislava? You’ve just found it!

Removals to Poland

Small removals to major cities in Poland for less than £700? Yes – we do it

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Instant removal quote

MyCheapRemovals, as not many of removal services provider, can send you an instant removal quote. Here last few for a guide:

Berkhamsted, UK Loulé, Portugal£1189£1599£2459
Norwich, Wielka Brytania Czarnków, Polska£679£829£1319
London, UK Toulouse, France£779£959£1599
London, UK Oslo, Norway£1259£1819£2739
Teddington, UK Miranda do Corvo, Portugal£1089£1449£2209
Ashford, Kent, UK Newcastle West, County Limerick, Ireland£1279£1479£2189
Sevenoaks, UK Cela, Alcobaça, Portugal£1099£1469£2239

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