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Short version: Removals from London to Paris starts at £789, Brighton to Toulouse from £849. Read more …

Changing your surroundings, especially if it includes a move to another country, can be a very stressful event in life. You need to research the place you would like to live in, perhaps check its work opportunities, find the perfect house and the removal company that will be not only reliable but possible low-budget. MyCheapRemovals knows all the concerns of its customers to assist in the whole removal process to France. Also, in MyChepRemovals time is money, so if you are all over the place with your removal, do not worry – we will do our best to take off your shoulders as much as possible.

How long will it take for your belongings to reach their destination in France?

Are you wondering how long it will take to deliver your goods to France from the UK? The first thing you need to consider is the volume of your load. If you are unsure which option you need, please check our VISUALISATION OF EACH VOLUME OPTION or fill in the INVENTORY LIST with all of your items and approximate volume, weight, and measures to calculate the most suitable volume. Part load options (5m3,10m3, and 15m3 ) require a three-day window for collection and can take up to 24 hours more to deliver than our 20 cubic metres option (a dedicated van). 20 and 30 cubic metres options are quicker in delivery, as once it is loaded, it goes straight to your destination address.

How much will it cost to move from the UK to France?

To give you an idea of the prices we offer, we prepared some exemplary quotations for removals to different parts of France from the UK.

  1. The removal from Manchester to Lyon:
    • part load options will cost you £889 for 5 cubic metres
    • £1159 for 10 cubic metres,
    • for 15m3 van, you will pay £1659,
    • dedicated van 20m3 you will pay £2159,
    • dedicated van 30myou will pay £2799.
    • If you choose a part load option, you can expect delivery within two days. A dedicated van will deliver your belongings within a day.
  2. If you intend to move from London to Paris, options available:
    • 5 cubic metres for £789,
    • 10 cubic metres for £979,
    • 15cubic metres for £1309,
    • dedicated van 20m3 you will pay £1589,
    • dedicated van 30myou will pay £2229.
    • The first three options may take around 36 hours to deliver, while a dedicated 20m3 van will come around 24 hours after the collection
  3. Removal from Cambridge to Montpellier:
    • £889 for 5 cubic metres,
    • £1169 for 10 cubic metres,
    • a 15m3 option is for £1669,
    • dedicated van 20m3 you will pay £2169,
    • dedicated van 30myou will pay £2809.
    • You can expect delivery within 72 hours in case of part load options, and up to two days with a larger option.
  4. Brighton to Toulouse – all three removal options look as follows:
    • 5m3 for £849,
    • 10m3 for £1109,
    • 15m3 for £1579.
    • dedicated van 20m3 you will pay £2039,
    • dedicated van 30myou will pay £2679.
    • It takes approximately two days to deliver the part load to France, and around 24 hours to deliver a full van.

Please fill in our Instant Removal Quote form or contact our Customer Service Specialists for details – 01942 387 042 or 01942 387 041.

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Instant removal quote

MyCheapRemovals, as not many of removal services provider, can send you an instant removal quote. Here last few for a guide:

Chesterfield, UK Granada, Spain£1009£1389£2269
Munich, Germany Cambridge, UK£759£999£1539
Düsseldorf, Germany London, UK£589£759£1139
Delft, Netherlands München, Germany£469£639£919
London, UK Flims, Switzerland£1089£1319£1939
Delémont, Switzerland Nottingham, UK£969£1199£1839
London, UK Düsseldorf, Germany£689£909£1309

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