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Cheap removal services to Estonia

MyCheapRemovals is a professional and reliable removal company that specialises in swift deliveries to all European countries. Our offer is targeted both to domestic and business customers, who value individual and professional approach to their requirements. The variety of volume options enables you to choose an offer that meets your specific needs, for a price that will not ruin your budget. Also, our state-of-the-art vans guarantee a hassle-free delivery right to your new house in no time at all.

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How much does it cost to move to Estonia from the UK?

MyCheapRemovals, thanks to its professional approach, managed to develop the fleet to over 40 vehicles within just a couple of years. Our customers’ feedback helped us improve our offer, in order to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients. Hence, you can choose between a part load option and full van option. The first one is cheaper, as you will share the loading space of the van with someone else, whereas full van option means that the van will be for your exclusive use. Please check the exemplary prices below:

  1. London to Tallinn – 5m3 option will cost you £1159. Triple the volume and pay £2199.
  2. London to Tartu – you will pay £1139 for the smallest 5 cubic metres load. 10m3 will cost you £1489 .
  3. Liverpool to Valga – the price for 5m3 is £1209. If you double the volume, you will pay £1589 in total.

The duration of your shipment depends on two things: the distance between the pick-up and destination addresses, and the volume of your load. If you choose one of our part load options (5, 10 and 15 cubic metres) the delivery time will lengthen, because you share the van with some other customers who expect delivery in a different destination. 20 and 30 cubic metres option is a full van option – the van will be for your exclusive use, which means that it can reach the final destination much earlier.

As Estonia is further away than Lithuania and Latvia, part load delivery from London to Tallinn may take up to four days, whereas the dedicated van will reach your destination address in around 60 hours.

Cheap removals to Estonia with MyCheapRemovals

If you are planning a relocation to Estonia, you probably needed to ask yourself millions of questions. Where to start? How to organize my removal? Which removal company is the best? What is the volume of my load? MyCheapRemovals can answer most of them!

  1. First, you need to decide what volume you require for your move. We have a variety of volume and weight options to choose from so that you could tailor our offer to your specific needs. Our options include 5m3 (up to 300 kg), 10m3 (up to 600 kg), 15m3 (up to 1200 kg), 20m3 (up to 1500), 30m3 (up to 2400) and above. First, three options are part load, in which you will share the loading space of the van with someone else, whereas two latter options are dedicated vans, so the van will be for your exclusive use. Also, part-time options require a three-day window for collection, whereas full van options enable you to choose the exact date and time of collection.
  2. If you are still unable to estimate the right volume, we prepared a VISUALISATION of each volume to help you out. You can also send a list, or photographs of your belongings to our Customer Service Specialist, who will recommend the most suitable option. When you know the required volume, you can ask for a quote on our website, by inserting your collection and delivery place, as well as an email address. The quote for each volume option should appear in your box after a few seconds. You can use the same email afterwards, in order to make an online booking.
  3. As soon as your order appears in our system, our Customer Service Specialist will send you an email to confirm the addresses and dates. Also, you will receive more detailed information regarding the dates and time of collection and delivery at least one day before the collection date. The email will also contain the details of the van and driver arranged for your removal.


  • Provide the customers with extraordinary service, assist them and address their needs
  • Take care of the customer’s load as if it was ours
  • Offer the most competitive and satisfactory price for the International Removals
  • Provide door to door removals in no time at all

Vans volumes for removals


5, 10 and 15 cubic meters on standard Luton van explained


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Instant removal quote

MyCheapRemovals, as not many of removal services provider, can send you an instant removal quote. Here last few for a guide:

London, UK Lisbon, Portugal£1119£1499£2289
Munich, Germany Coventry, UK£789£1039£1619
Hornchurch, UK Málaga, Spain£979£1329£2179
Chef-Boutonne, France Corby Glen, Grantham, UK£699£819£1359
Angers, France Dublin, Ireland£1019£1419£2179
Amsterdam, Netherlands London, UK£569£889£1499
Manchester, UK Valencia, Spain£959£1299£2129

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