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Moving Boxes – cheapest options on the UK market at selected retailers

by MatthewCheap European Removalshow much removals should cost

If you are planning to move (regardless of the destination – will it be within the UK or you may be moving to Spain) you may be looking for the removal boxes kits. You can find those in big retail chain shops (B&Q, Argos) but there are also companies specialising in removal box kits (The Box Warehouse or Big Brown Box).

To save you time (and time is money) we calculated the best offer in terms of total cubic meters per pound spent.

For those of you who don’t have time here is a list from the most expensive to the cheapest:

  1. most expensive – ARGOS – StorePAK Moving House Cardboard Storage Boxes – Set of 15 – £52.57 per cubic meter
  2. second – PackingBoxes.co.uk – 2 Bedroom Economy Moving Pack – £45.60 per cubic meter
  3. cheapest – B&Q – Moving Packing Kit, 20 Large Boxes with room list and hand holes – £14.24 per cubic meter

For the rest of you – here’s some useful (and some may say boring) maths.

B&Q  – Moving Packing Kit, 20 Large Boxes with room list and hand holes

Moving Boxes KitLet’s start with the B&Q offer. We’ll be looking at this product: https://www.diy.com/departments/moving-packing-kit-20-large-boxes-with-room-list-and-hand-holes-includes-5m-of-bubble-wrap-and-1-roll-of-tape-/5055620020148_BQ.prd
It contains, as per product name, 20 large boxes. There is also a bubble wrap and 1 roll of tape in this kit – we’ll take it into the equation when will calculate how much will it cost just for boxes.

Dimensions provided on their website seem a little bit mixed, but for our purpose it’s fine:

  • Width: 585mm ≈ 23.03 inches
  • Height: 200mm ≈ 7.87 inches
  • Length: 750mm ≈ 29.53 inches

To find the total volume of 20 boxes, we can calculate the volume of one box and then multiply it by 20.

The formula for the volume of a box is: Volume = Length × Width × Height

For one box:

Width: 585mm ≈ 0.585 meters
Height: 200mm ≈ 0.2 meters
Length: 750mm ≈ 0.75 meters
Volume of one box = Length × Width × Height = 0.585m × 0.2m × 0.75m ≈ 0.08775 cubic meters

Now, to find the total volume of 20 boxes:
Total volume of 20 boxes = Volume of one box × 20 = 0.08775 cubic meters × 20 = 1.755 cubic meters

So, let’s calculate the price. As this kit includes a roll of bubble wrap and a roll of tape we’ll subtract those costs from the total price of £30 – £5 = £25.


Price for 20 boxes = £25
Total volume of 20 boxes = 1.755 cubic meters
First, find the cost per box:
Cost for 20 boxes = £25
Cost for 1 box = Cost for 20 boxes / 20 = £25 / 20 ≈ £1.25 per box

Now, find the cost per cubic meter:
Cost for 1 box = £1.25
Total volume of 20 boxes = 1.755 cubic meters

Cost per cubic meter = Cost for 1 box / Volume of 1 box in cubic meters
Cost per cubic meter = £1.25 / 0.08775 cubic meters ≈ £14.24 per cubic meter

Therefore, the cost for one cubic meter of these boxes, based on a £25 price for 20 boxes, would be approximately £14.24.

ARGOS – StorePAK Moving House Cardboard Storage Boxes – Set of 15

The next place we checked was Argos. They offer this kit: https://www.argos.co.uk/product/9484957. As per their description – “This storage pack is perfect for moving house. It includes 15 eco-friendly boxes, brown self-adhesive tape, bubble wrap for delicate items, and a marker pen for labelling. It’s an all-inclusive set to pack your belongings efficiently”.

Sounds promising, but we are here about the numbers. Let’s see how this one will work out in terms of price per cubic meter.

  • The set includes 5 small, 7 medium 3 large storage boxes.
  • Small box size: 35cm height, 35cm width, 25cm depth
  • Medium box size: 40cm height, 40cm width, 40cm depth
  • Large box size: 55cm height, 46cm width, 46cm depth

Now, let’s calculate the volumes for each type of box:

For small boxes:
Volume of one small box = 0.35m × 0.35m × 0.25m = 0.030625 cubic meters

For medium boxes:
Volume of one medium box = 0.4m × 0.4m × 0.4m = 0.064 cubic meters

For large boxes:
Volume of one large box = 0.55m × 0.46m × 0.46m = 0.11648 cubic meters

Now, find the total volume of each type of box:
Total volume of 5 small boxes = Volume of one small box × 5 = 0.030625 cubic meters × 5 = 0.153125 cubic meters
Total volume of 7 medium boxes = Volume of one medium box × 7 = 0.064 cubic meters × 7 = 0.448 cubic meters
Total volume of 3 large boxes = Volume of one large box × 3 = 0.11648 cubic meters × 3 = 0.34944 cubic meters

Finally, calculate the overall total volume of the set:
Total volume = Total volume of small boxes + Total volume of medium boxes + Total volume of large boxes
Total volume = 0.153125 cubic meters + 0.448 cubic meters + 0.34944 cubic meters
Total volume = 0.950565 cubic meters

This kit is listed at £58 (December 2023) and it includes extras like bubble wrap, tape and marker pen. Let’s knock off £8 for those items which gives us £50 for only boxes.
Cost per cubic meter = £50 / 0.950565 cubic meters ≈ £52.57 per cubic meter

PackingBoxes.co.uk – 2 Bedroom Economy Moving Pack

Removal boxes kitLet’s try specialists. We found PackingBoxes.co.uk on the first page of search results for the phrase “moving boxes kits” – but we didn’t use Google. Link to this product: https://www.packingboxes.co.uk/2-bedroom-economy-moving-pack/.
The pack includes 10 moving boxes measuring 350 x 350 x 250mm, 10 moving boxes sized 457 x 333 x 333mm, 1 roll of bubble wrap measuring 300mm x 5 meters,
1 pack of acid-free tissue containing 50 sheets, 1 roll of buff packing tape, and 1 permanent marker.

List of available boxes in this kit:

  • 350 x 350 x 250mm Moving Box Qty: 10
  • 457 x 333 x 333mm Moving Box Qty: 10

Now calculate the total volume of all boxes.

For the first moving box:
Volume of one box = 0.35m × 0.35m × 0.25m = 0.030625 cubic meters

For the second moving box:
Volume of one box = 0.457m × 0.333m × 0.333m = 0.051641481 cubic meters

Now, let’s find the total volume for the quantities given:

The total volume of the first moving box (10 boxes): 0.030625 cubic meters × 10 = 0.30625 cubic meters
The total volume of the second moving box (10 boxes): 0.051641481 cubic meters × 10 = 0.51641481 cubic meters

Therefore, the total volume of 10 boxes of the first moving box size is approximately 0.30625 cubic meters, and for the second moving box size, it’s approximately 0.51641481 cubic meters, which gives us 0.82266481 cubic meters total.
The listed price for this kit is £42.50, however, it includes items we are not interested in this guide, so let’s make it £37.50.

Let’s calculate the cost per cubic meter:

Cost per cubic meter = Total price for the boxes / Total volume of the boxes
Cost per cubic meter = £37.5 / 0.82266481 cubic meters ≈ £45.60 per cubic meter

Final Word

For those seeking moving box solutions, this comparison aims to shed light on various options available, highlighting costs and volume considerations. However, if you seek further tailored choices or wish to explore additional providers, further research could be beneficial.

For individuals considering their relocation needs, beyond the ones reviewed here, the market offers a plethora of options. Retail giants such as B&Q and Argos, as well as specialized companies like The Box Warehouse or Big Brown Box, might have additional offerings worth exploring. Conducting a broader search might unveil different pricing structures or alternative package deals catering to diverse needs or preferences.

Moreover, delving deeper into customer reviews or seeking personalized recommendations could assist in making a well-informed decision. By leveraging online forums, seeking advice from professional movers, or exploring social media groups specializing in relocation, one can gather valuable insights and recommendations from individuals with similar experiences.

In summary, while this comparison provides a glimpse into the available options, diving deeper into alternative providers or seeking personalized advice might further refine your choice based on specific requirements, budget considerations, or preferences.


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