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Storages types

This article is only a guide – MyCheapRemovals don’t provide storages services. We are preparing a comprehensive directory for our customer’s convenience.

Imagine your moving date is yet to come, but you found out there are a few obstacles. You can’t move in yet, or you have to move out earlier.  Or you have so many things, that you do not want to move them all to your new house and clutter it. If your moving plans leave you in limbo, you can always store your packed-up household items in a storage unit.

There are several types to choose from and each of them provides different options to meet individual needs. Basically, we can divide the storage facilities into three types:

  • warehouse storage,
  • mobile storage,
  • moving storage.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them so that you could choose the best option for you.

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Warehouse storage

This kind of facility is offered by the main self-storage companies, such as Big Yellow, Access, and Lok’nStore. It can be either a modern, purpose-built facility or a large older building converted into storage units. Warehouse/Self storages consist of dozens or even hundreds of individual rooms of different sizes with variable options like climate or temperature control.

The main advantage of such storage facilities is the fact that you can choose what unit you would like based on its location, and you can arrange your goods just as you like and in any style that suits your individual preferences. Further, you can select the unit with some special parameters, such as temperature control or ground-level access.
Although the specific rules and policies vary from company to company, a self-storage facility typically allows you to access your unit whenever you want and generally at any time without an appointment, which gives you lots of flexibility.

Disadvantages of using a self-storage facility may include its price – it is often one of the most costly options to choose from. Moreover, you have to get your goods to the storage facility either by means of your own hired transport or through a mover willing to handle a part move for you. Either way, it’s either more work or an additional scheduling step.


Mobile storage

This storage option involves the delivery of a wooden or steel vault, trailer, or container to your property. This drop-at your residence individual storage units are sometimes called pods. They may look like small train cars, come in different sizes, and you can rent more than one.

The good thing about this type of storage is that you can either keep it at your residence for an agreed-upon time, or you can fill the unit over the course of a few days or weeks and have the company move the container to their storage facility. It’s a good alternative to renting a bulky truck and trying to move, or to entrusting your personal belongings to a moving company that packs and ships.
Mobile storage is also a perfect solution for those who plan to renovate their homes and prefer to hold the pieces of furniture in a storage unit on the property until the walls are paint or floors redone.

However, this kind of storage has its flaws as well. When the storage unit is being stored at the storage company, management restricts access to the unit to the person renting it and may require that person to provide a day or two’s notice before visiting. Companies often stack storage pods on top of each other and may have to move yours to the ground with heavy equipment before your arrival.

Moreover, since you are the one to do the packing, you need to make sure that you use proper packaging supplies for furniture, antiques, and other valuables, as well as load everything in order to avoid any damage. Because of this, you may still need to contract a moving company to load the storage container for you.


Moving storage

This storage option is one of the least complicated, as generally, the moving companies store in their own facilities. This option will appeal to people who are less concerned about cost but want assurance that their load is in the hands of professionals. Also, this is the best option for those who need a packaging service or are not physically able or willing to take the time to handle the task.

The biggest advantage of using moving companies is the fact that you can certainly expect your household furniture to be packed adequately, transported, and picked up easily. Once a date is agreed the mover can collect the items to be stored, provide an inventory of the items, and swiftly move the identified goods to their storage facility. The movers should also be able to offer competitive storage prices as part of their overall removal package.

On the other hand, access to your belongings while they’re stored may not be allowed. Even if this isn’t the case some companies will charge you a fee for each visit, and they are likely to be based in very hard-to-reach locations where public access may be restricted. Moreover, you’ll probably need a scheduled appointment to take things out of your unit.

Choosing the best storage facility for you

When looking for storage, narrow your options by determining a few crucial factors.

First, consider the location of the storage – the closer distance you need to travel, the better for your funds and time.

Secondly, a storage facility that can provide 24/7 security to ensure that everything you’ll be going to store will remain safe. If you need to store bulky items, such as a boat, a car, or a truck, find a storage facility that can store these items securely and properly.

Moreover, consider if you need extra services, such as climate control, especially when you’re storing sensitive items. Some examples of sensitive items include fabrics, like silk or leather, that doesn’t do well in high humidity levels.

It would also be a good idea to talk with storage management and see if they will be easy to work with. Find out how they handle late payments, access to units, and whether staff will help you to move the items.

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