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7 tips before you move

Moving home is always a huge event in life. You may feel both incredibly excited and stressed. Therefore, we prepared some essential tips for coping with this thrilling event.

1. Make some space

When you’re moving house, the last thing you want to do is pay for moving the items that you end up throwing away once you’re in the new place. We strongly recommend you to have a thorough sort out at least two weeks before the move. In this way, you will not only cut the costs of your removal but will also have some time to decide what to do with the things you do not need anymore. When the items are in good condition, you may consider donating or selling them. Decluttering of the space around you will help you organize and go through the next steps of the preparation.

2. Start Early

One way to reduce stress is to start the packing process early enough. It may take longer than you expect, so make sure you start at least a few days before the collection. Start by estimating the volume of the whole load, so that you can buy the packing materials accordingly. If you are not sure how to do that, you may find OUR VISUALISATION helpful. Try to use small boxes – they will be much lighter than big heavy boxes, which will make it easier and faster to carry them to the van. Bear in mind, that your goods do not have to be boxed – wheeled suitcases and luggage serve as great alternatives as well! Be sure you have enough packing materials – boxes, bubble wrap, tape etc. The idea of being prepared will make it easier to start.

3. Book a removal

As soon as you know the volume and approximate weight of your load, it is time to make a booking and secure the date of the collection. Remember that the 5m3 and 10m3 options are part load removals, so we need a three-day slot for collection. Choosing bigger options – 15m3, 30m3 and above – enables you to pick the exact date and time of collection. This information will help you arrange other aspects of your removal, such as booking a flight and organising help for the driver if you for some reason cannot help yourself.

4. Start with rooms least used

If the idea of packing makes you feel a bit overwhelmed, try the Kaizen way! Kaizen is the art of making great and lasting change through small, steady steps. The good idea is to start with the least used rooms such as the spare bedroom, garage or attic. They are usually the easiest to start with, especially if you took the first tip seriously and decluttered them early on. Leave everyday items until the day before the removal and keep any essential items such as medication separately.

5. Label your boxes

Label your boxes

This is great advice for your future self. If you clearly label which box is destined for which room, you may considerably reduce your unloading and unpacking time. Write the name of the room on the sides of the boxes instead of the top. This will make it easier to recognize if they are stacked. You can also draw your children in the process of colouring sides of the boxes – different colours for each room. It can help them to relieve the stress of moving. Please remember to label boxes with fragile items. It will be a perfect indicator for our driver to take special care of them.

If you are not sure if you can move some of the items, please check our TERMS AND CONDITIONS for more information.

6. Fill in the inventory list

As all your goods are packed and labelled, it is a perfect moment for filling in the inventory list. You will receive it together with your quotation and booking confirmation. If you still have not encountered it, you can DOWNLOAD THE INVENTORY LIST HERE. This document is essential for Insurance purposes, so send it back at least one day before the collection date. You do not need to be very accurate – using the labels you named each box with would be enough. If you do not know the exact weight of the items, you can provide an estimated weight.

7. Pack wisely

There are numerous packing hacks that save you time and money and help you move to your house. Labelling your boxes is an obvious one, but there are some other hacks that you might not think about. Check the most useful packing tips below.

  • Pack important documents together. Keeping such documents as passports, birth and marriage certificates in a safe place may serve your nerves.
  • Pack books and other heavy objects in small boxes and try not to make the box too heavy, especially if using cardboard boxes. Put heavier boxes on the bottom.
  • Use toilet roll tubes as handy holders for cables. You can also write on them, to identify your iPhone cable from your other cables.
  • Cover any openings of your toiletries with cling film, then put the tops back on to prevent them from leaking. Place an extra cotton pad into your powder cosmetics to keep them from cracking.
  • To protect carpets and rugs, roll them up and secure them with rope and then put a cover or bag over each end to keep them clean.
  • Slide clothes on hangers directly into rubbish bags and tie the hangers together with string to easily transport clothes.
  • Take all the drawers out of your furniture and pack your clothes and fragile items inside them. Secure the contents with a cling film.
  • Stack up your pots and pans and wrap them in newspaper/paper.
  • Wrap each plate individually and pack them vertically to prevent putting too much pressure on the bottom plate.
  • Protect your artwork and mirrors by wrapping them in paper and packing them in mirror boxes. For larger pieces, tape cardboard over them securely.
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