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Vans volumes – what is 5, 10 and 15 m3?


Let’s start with visualisation of 1 cubic meter. You can think of a box 1-meter width, 1-meter height and 1-meter depth. 1 meter is equal to 3.4 feet or about 40 inch.

5 cubic meters

5 cubic meters will be made of 5 of such boxes. This will allow you to move up to 300kg. As its a part-load option it’s likely you will share a van with other customers, which makes our service very cost effective. In real world 5 cubic meters will translate to roughly quarter of standard luton van:

removal 5 cubic meters in standard Luton van

10 cubic meters

10 cubic meters

10 cubic meters option is another part-load option, which means that you will share the van with someone else. This volume can handle up to 600kg which is twice more in terms of size and weight in comparison to 5 cubic meters.  10 cubic meters will take up half of Luton van capacity:

15 cubic meters

What is 15m3

15 m3 can take up to 1200 kg of weight. It’s a nearly full van, however, to make international removals more efficient and eco-friendly we switch this service to be part load. If you are looking for fastest option, we recommend 20m3 option
15 cubic meters in Luton Van

Post-Brexit removals to Europe.

Some time ago nation has spoken, and politicians promised a smooth transition. How did that go? Well …
But nothing to worried about – MyCheapRemovals still provides international removal services with the lowest prices and great customer service.

There is additional paperwork we’ll require and extra steps need to be taken before moving to Europe. Or back to the UK. Long story short is there is a necessity to prove that all goods are personal and belong to a person who’s moving. Also – from experience we know if the total value is over £5000 it may be subject to VAT charges.

  1. A detailed packing list with the value, size and weight of each listed item. Please, use our standardised spreadsheet form – this is also required for Insurance purposes, so we killing two birds with one stone. Please note: the total value of your possessions subject to removal does not exceed £5000. Also – this spreadsheet will help estimate the total volume of your consignment,
  2. Copy of Passport or Identity card,
  3. A signed authorisation for the customs clearance agent in the destination country to act as your direct representative. A blank form will be supplied by MyCheapRemovals after you confirm your booking.

It is advisable to contact the local customs office in the country of your destination.

We found for you a Dutch government resource website with more details – in the English language, and provided on this site information are valid for all European countries.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to collect your goods until we collect all the listed documents and receive permission from the customs authority from the country you’ll be moving to. 

All this may sound complicated at first, however, we will take care of all the required paperwork and we’ll be staying in touch with you.

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