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Removals from the UK to Poland

Perhaps you are homesick and tired of living as an ex-pat and would like to move back to your homeland. Or maybe you are worried about what Brexit may entail. Whatever the reason might be, the decision has been made – you are moving to Poland.

But what about all your household goods, tables, chairs and other elements of interior furnishings? After years of living abroad, you managed to gather so many things, that there is no way it would fit into the van, right? And even if, it would cost a fortune, so most probably you cannot afford it anyway, right? No!

MyCheapRemovals provides professional removal service from the UK to Poland that suits every pocket. If you look for a company that values customers’ needs more than anything else, you are in the right place.

Moreover, we offer a variety of volume options to choose from, so you will find something for yourself.
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What budget do you need to move to Poland?

As we have more than 40 vans and lorries at our disposal, we can offer the most competitive prices, in comparison to other removal companies. Our reviews say, that we are the cheapest on the market, and those voices are not incidental – we are!

So how much would it cost you to remove from the UK to Poland? Be it a distance from London to Warsaw, or from Manchester to Poznań, the price always goes automatically from our webpage, and it is related to the volume of your load and the miles/kilometres. You can check the price anytime yourself and be sure it will not change over time. Here are a few example quotes to give you an idea about the costs:

  • London to Warsaw (1640 km)
    part-load: 5m3 – £949, 10m3 – £1149, 15m3 – £1559, full van: 20m3 – £2209, 30m3 – £2849
  • Manchester to Poznań (1679 km)
    part-load: 5m3 – £959, 10m3 – £1159, 15m3 – 1589, full van: 20m3 – £2249, 30m3 – £2889
  • Brighton to Wrocław (1419 km)
    part-load: 5m3 – £889, 10m3 – £1049, 15m3 – 14009, full van: 20m3 – £1979, 30m3 – £2619

Since United Kingdom left European Union our prices includes additional custom clearance fees of £250 + VAT.

How long will it take to deliver your goods from the UK to Poland.

As the UK is around 1,000 miles away from Poland, it usually takes between 24 to 48 hours to deliver the goods to the final destination. However, the exact delivery time depends on the volume.

Full vans are the quickest to deliver, as the transportation does not include any other collection spots unless you provide us with one. If the van is destined only for you, the delivery might be expected even the next day after the collection.

On the other hand, smaller loads, such as 5 cubic meters and 10 cubic meters are our part-load option. These volume options slightly sit on the delivery, as they include some additional collection addresses. Nevertheless, the idea of joining your removal with someone else’s tremendously contributes to the low price!

As to the delivery, it may take up to 48 hours before your precious belongings reach the final destination in Poland. Therefore, you gain some time to arrange your flight to this beautiful country.

As the distance is the main factor affecting delivery time, please be aware that if you moving from Scotland or Wales it may be longer. Please ask our customer services for details –  01942 409 822, 01942 938 222 or 01942 409 821


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Moving to Poland with MyCheapRemovals

As you already figured out the volume and weight option that you require, it is time to get your quote. You can use our Instant Removal Quote form, and the email with all volume quotes will be sent to you straight away. Hence, if you do not know the exact volume, or just visited our website to compare the prices, you will obtain a detailed insight into our offer.

Please keep the email with the quotes, as you might need it for making an online booking. Next to each volume option, there is a button BOOK NOW. Click it, and embark upon the exciting removal adventure!

You will be transferred to our payment system, to secure your removal, and… that’s it! We asking for only a 10% deposit to secure a van or lorry and date.

Now you can focus on packaging and arranging your flight to the country of your dreams, and let us do what we are best at!

One of our customer service representatives will be happy to contact you to confirm the details: Date and time of collection and delivery, addresses, and payment details. Also, she will be staying in touch with you all the time and keep you updating on progress.

If you still have some questions about removals to Poland, please kindly check out our FAQ page. You will certainly find the answers there!

So what are you waiting for? Click for a quote or get in touch with us on 01942 409 822, 01942 938 222 or 01942 409 821 today for more information.

MyCheapRemovals sticks to four fundamental principles

  • Provide the customers with extraordinary service, assist them and address their needs
  • Take care of the customer’s load as if it was ours
  • Offer the most competitive and satisfactory price for the European Removals
  • Provide door to door removals in no time at all

Consignment volumes explained

What is 1 cubic meterClick here to find out more about volumes.

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  3. We’ll contact you to discuss details
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Customer feedback

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Instant removal quote

MyCheapRemovals, as not many of removal services provider, can send you an instant removal quote. Here last few for a guide:

Frankfurt, Germany Driffield, UK£719£949£1459
Nottingham, Egyesült Királyság Budapest, Magyarország£1119£1399£2209
Waltham Abbey, UK Wrocław, Poland£719£889£1409
London, UK Wrocław, Poland£719£879£1409
London, UK Geneva, Switzerland£1039£1659£2269
Cambridge, UK Berlin, Germany£839£1129£1679
London, UK Dresden, Germany£829£1109£1649

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