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Removals to France

MyCheapRemovals offers hassle-free removals to France and other European countries that suit every budget. Our vans and lorries transport goods in the European Union on a daily basis so that we can offer door-to-door moving services even on the weekend. Our friendly and professional team has a number of years of experience to make your move to a new home as stress-free as possible. Call us at 01942 409 822, 01942 938 222 or 01942 409 821 or use the online quote form to get a quote for removals to France.

Removals to France – how much does it cost?

In the case of removals to France, the good news is it doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. Situated in central Europe by the Mediterranean Sea, France is the country our drivers visit most often. If you plan on relocating a few household goods, you can use our part load service, which is 5, 10 or 15 cubic meters.

To give you some idea about the costs of moving from the UK to France, we prepared some quotes from and to the biggest cities in both countries. All of the prices are final – they already include the customs fee and other applicable taxes.

  • London to Paris
    • Part-load: 5m3 – £729, 10m3 – £979 , 15m3 – £1309
    • Full van: 20m3 – £1589 , 30m3 – £2229
  • Cambridge to Montpellier
    • Part-load: 5m3 – £889, 10m3 – £1169, 15m3 – £1669
    • Full van: 20m3 – £2169 , 30m3 – £2809
  • Brighton to Toulouse
    • Part-load: 5m3 – £849, 10m3 – £1109, 15m3 – £1579
    • Full van: 20m3 – £2039, 30m3 – £2679

We also offer full loads (20 and 30 cubic meters) for those who are interested in moving home. In this option, you can choose the exact moving day of your international moving.

 Removals to France – how long does it take?

Usually, the delivery from the UK to France takes one or two days. However, every move is different, so the duration depends on a variety of factors. Long-distance moving will always take longer than local moving. Also, home moving (full load options) will take less time than small removals, as it does not require additional stops. Your preparation is crucial as well – if you pack your valuables professionally, it will take less time for our courteous driver to load them. Remember that you can always count on the driver – he will help you to load and unload the goods. However, if the collection or delivery takes place in the self-storage, make sure you arrange for somebody to assist our driver.



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Consignment volumes explained

What is 1 cubic meterClick here to find out more about volumes.

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  1. Request a free quote using our Instant Removal Quote form or call us at 01942 409 822, 01942 938 222 or 01942 409 821
  2. Check your email with quotes and click ‘book now on the selected volume option
  3. Our professional team will contact you to discuss the details of the moving service

The quote you get is final and includes:

  • all applicable taxes
  • cost of a ferry
  • transit insurance up to £20.000 per van
  • our driver’s assistance with loading and one hour with unloading
  • fuel and transportation

Your goods are fully insured, there are no hidden costs, and no additional paperwork! If you want to know how every step of your international relocation process looks, please check our A TO Z EXPLANATION HERE.

Removals to France with MyCheapRemovals

  1. First, you will have to find out the total volume and weight of the goods you want to relocate to France. We have available options in our – 5,10,15, 20 and 30 cubic meters. Those volumes are most common for a flat or house removal. 5, 10 and 15 cubic meters option is ‘shared service’ which means your possessions will travel with other customers’ belongings. It may take some more time, but this is the most cost-effective option. The shipment of your goods should not take more than two days, so it will go smoothly anyway.
  2. Please fill out our Instant Removal Quote form. You will receive an email with a quotation including other available volume options – you can compare prices for smaller or bigger options. A little tip for you – the most cost-effective is the 10 cubic meters option. When you decide just click on the selected option in your email and you’ll be transferred to our secure secure payment system. We ask for only a 10% deposit to secure a van or lorry and date.
  3. One of our customer service representatives will be happy to contact you to talk about the details such as the date and time of collection and delivery, method of payment etc. We will stay in touch with you all the time and keep you updated on the progress.
  4. Our polite driver will arrive at the scheduled time to help you with loading and will stay one hour at the destination to give you a helping hand with unloading. If you think you may require more time please let us know in advance – we can arrange it with an additional small fee of £20 per hour. Please bear in mind that we do not offer packing services, so packing, unpacking, buying packing materials and securing your furniture, antiques and fragile items is your responsibility.

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We also provide removal services from Ireland to France

Our big 40+ vans and lorries fleet is in constant motion across the whole continent, we can also offer the best deal on removals from Ireland to France. The whole procedure is pretty much the same.  Here is a small price guide to removals to Ireland.

For instant and the best quote for European removal service use our form all call our customer service on:
01942 409 822, 01942 938 222 or 01942 409 821 or contact us

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A few interesting facts about France

1. France is the largest country in the EU, and known as ‘the hexagon’ – with an area of 551,000 sq km it’s almost a fifth of the EU’s total area, and due to its six-sided shape France is sometimes referred to as l’hexagone. About a quarter is covered by forest; only Sweden and Finland have more.

2. France was the first country in the world to ban supermarkets from throwing away or destroying unsold food – since February 2016, shops must donate waste to food banks or charities.

3. About one million French people living near the border with Italy speak Italian – although French is the official language and the first language of 88% of the population, there are various indigenous regional dialects and languages, such as Alsacian, Basque, Breton, Catalan, Occitan and Flemish. On a larger scale, French is the second most spoken mother tongue in Europe, after German and before English, and is predicted to become number one by 2025 due to the country’s high birth rate.

4. French wines can reach astronomical prices – in 2014, Sotheby’s sold a 114-bottle lot of DCR Romanee-Conti wines in Hong Kong for more than EUR 1.45m to an anonymous Asia-based buyer, a world record for a single wine lot. That works out to about EUR 1,619 per standard glass.

5. French gastronomy was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2010 – when it was added to the list of ‘intangible cultural heritage of humanity’. Experts described the importance of French gastronomy as ‘a social custom aimed at celebrating the most important moments in the lives of individuals and groups’, as well as ’emphasising togetherness’ for its function of bringing friends and family closer together and strengthening social ties.

6. France produces nearly a billion tons of cheese a year in around 1,200 different varieties – in France it’s an ancient art: goats cheese dates back to at least 500AD, the blue-veined Roquefort was mentioned in records of an ancient monastery in Conques as early as 1070, and hard farm cheeses like Emmental started to appear in the 13th century. A French proverb claims ‘un fromage par jour de l’année’ – there is a different cheese for every day of the year.

7. It is against the law to carry live snails on a high-speed train in France without their own tickets – in fact, any domesticated animal under 5kg must be a paying passenger in France. In 2008, a Frenchman was fined when he was caught carrying snails on a TGV, although the fine was later waived.

If you are interested in moving to France, get an online removal quote, and read more about our European Removals.

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