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Removals to Spain – Frequently Asked Questions

by MatthewMoving to Spain

What are the estimated moving costs from the UK to Spain?

The cost of your removal to Spain depends on two main factors: the volume of your belongings and the distance between your old and new homes.

In terms of volume, we offer two types of removals: small (5 and 10 cubic meters of volume) and large (15, 20 and 30 cubic meters).

For example, if you are moving from London to Barcelona, a small removal (5 cubic meters) would cost £839. If you are moving the contents of a house (minimum 15 cubic meters), prices would start from £1739.

Another route for a better perspective on prices for removals from the UK to Spain is Manchester to Malaga. A small removal option would start from £1079 and a large removal from £2209.

Please keep in mind this, to book a removal service with MyCheapRemovals, we asking for only 10% of the deposit.

How long will it take for my belongings to arrive in Spain?

Delivery times from the UK to Spain vary depending on the chosen volume. Dedicated 15, 20, and 30 cubic meter options typically take 2-3 days, while part-load options (5 m3 and 10 m3) may take up to 5-7 days. This is because part-load options require you to share the loading capacity with other customers, which can increase delivery times.

For dedicated options, the loading capacity of the van is at your exclusive disposal. The goods once loaded go straight to the delivery address, without any additional stops. In this option, you can expect delivery even 48 hours after the collection.
5, 10 and 15 cubic meters would work for customers who opt for smaller removals. Obviously, these volume options are way cheaper. However, require a 3-day slot for collection and might slightly postpone the delivery which may take up to 72 hours.

I’m moving to Spain – what documents will I need?

If you decide to use our removal service, we will send you a couple of documents to fill in.
Among the documents that we require are:

  1. The inventory,
  2. A copy of your passport/ID,
  3. Proof of the destination address (current bank statements or credit/debit card statements, current utility bills, a rental contract, storage contract etc),
  4. Proof of living in the previous address for the last 12 months. One of these documents should be enough:
    • Council TAX Bill,
    • utility bill showing 12 months old history,
    • payslip for the last 12 months,
    • job contract,
    • Tax Return.
  5. Filling in the non-cession documents and CERFA forms is also required.

If you have questions regarding one of the aforementioned documents our customer service specialist will gladly help you with this.

What are the living costs in Spain in comparison to the UK?

It is not a secret that the UK is one of the most expensive places to live. Therefore, the average amount of money needed to cover essential expenses including food and drink, housing, bills and healthcare is significantly high. The prices for basic needs, especially energy bills and food costs, skyrocketed due to the rising global inflation and crisis. Even though Spain is also affected by the worldwide price increase, compared to the UK the Spanish level of inflation is not that high.

According to livingcost.org website average cost of living for one person in Spain is £1002 and  £1462 in the United Kingdom and £2292 vs £3535 for a family (the website actually doesn’t specify the size of a family, but those numbers give us a rough idea).

Overall, total living costs in Spain are around 31% cheaper than in the UK. This represents the average for the whole country. Please also bear in mind, that the exact location also affects the prices. All costs compared are divided into categories such as transport, food and rental expenses etc…

To get more details about removals to Spain – feel free to check: REMOVALS TO SPAIN – COMPARE LIVING COSTS EDINBURGH VS MALAGA or

Can I move to Spain with my pet?

Yes, it is possible to take your pet with you when you move to Spain from the UK.
However, it is highly important to arrange the essential paperwork and choose the pat-friendly mean of transport.

Required documents for moving from a non-EU country with your pet, are as follows (please note – because of Brexit, all non-EU requirements also apply to UK pet owners as of 2020):

  • Microchip or tattoo identification issued before 2011
  • European pet passport
  • A health certificate by a veterinarian officially translated into Spanish
  • Vaccination against rabies
  • Pets from certain countries need to have a blood test for rabies (serological test) too.
  • Declaration to state that the relocation of the pet is for non-commercial purposes

Another fact worth mentioning is that if you’re coming from a non-EU country with your pet, you can only enter Spain from one of the appointed Points of Entry.
Here is the list of designated entry points:

international airports in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Tenerife Sur and Málaga;
seaports: ports in Algeciras, Almeria, and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

You also have to declare that you came with your pet to the Guardia Civil Tax Department.

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