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Removals to Italy – Frequently Asked Questions

by Justyna BartaMoving to Italy

How much does moving from the UK to Italy cost?

The cost of removals to Italy depends on the volume and distance of the move. In terms of volume, we offer two types of removals: small (5-10 cubic meters) and large (15-30 cubic meters).

To give you an idea of the costs of moving for example from London to Italy, we have prepared some quotes. All of the prices are final and include the customs fee and other applicable taxes.

Here are some examples of our prices:

  1. London to Rome:
    • Part-load (5-10 cubic meters): £1,089
    • Full van (15-30 cubic meters): £3,019
  2. London to Milan:
    • Part-load (5-10 cubic meters): £919
    • Full van (15-30 cubic meters): £2,439

For detailed prices, please use our instant removal quote facility – it is no obligation.

How long does it take for my belonging to arrive in Italy?

The delivery from the UK to Italy takes two or three days. However, every move is different, so the duration depends on a variety of factors. Long-distance moving will always take longer than local moving. Also, home moving (full load options – 20 and 30 cubic meters) will take less time than small removals, as it does not require additional stops. However, since the UK is not a member of the EU additional procedures are implemented, that may affect this time. So now the delivery time depends on how long the customs clearance will take. Usually, the delivery time does not change and still takes two or three days.

I’m moving to Italy – what documents do I need?

The documents that you will need to submit to us include the following:

    1. The inventory list includes:
      • total number of items
      • the volume of each item and the total volume (can be an estimate)
      • the value of each item and the total value (can be an estimate)
      • the statement, that the goods are over 6 months old
      • date and handwritten/electronic signature (you can print the list, sign it and send the photos/scan etc.)
    2. A copy of your passport/ID,
    3. Proof of the destination address (current bank statements or credit/debit card statements, current utility bills, a rental contract, storage contract etc),
      Proof of living in the previous address for the last 12 months.
      Here is a list of Valid documents (one of them should be enough):

        • Council TAX Bill
        • Utility bill showing 12 months old history
        • Payslip for the last 12 months
        • Job contract
        • Tax Return
    4. Filled in non-cession document
    5. Filled-in CERFA

    We send the forms of the last two documents for you to fill in.

    What are the living costs in Italy in comparison to the UK?

    Italy has a good healthcare system and a high quality of life. The cost of living is lower than in the UK, as are property and rental prices on average 30% cheaper. This is a contrast to the UK, as the cost of living crisis has impacted the property market and living costs.
    The UK has a high-paced life, which is a complete contrast to the more laid-back culture in Italy. For those looking for a quieter lifestyle, Italy is a perfect location to consider.

    Can I move to Italy with my Pet?

    Pets brought to Italy must have a microchip implanted linked to a pet passport. This is the only form of identification acceptable and must be implanted before the rabies vaccination is administered. All pets must have a Rabies Certificate signed by a vet. Pets need to be at least 12 weeks old to be given a rabies vaccination. You will have to wait 21 days before you take your pet to Italy. Pets can travel to Italy if they have a current one-year vaccination (a primary vaccine). They can also travel with a 3-year vaccine provided it has been administered less than a year before travel. Where you are coming from an ‘unlisted country’ it will also be necessary for the pet to have a blood test.
    Pet owners must arrive within five days of their pet, otherwise, it will be treated as a commercial move, which will involve additional costs and different regulations.

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