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European Removals – moving to Almeria

by MatthewMoving to Spain

Discovering Almería: The Hidden Jewel of Spain’s Southeast

Almería, a city where the sun generously bestows its warmth, offers a unique blend of serene beaches, rich history, and vibrant city life. Navigating Almería’s charming streets is most enjoyable on foot, as its narrow lanes and bustling promenades invite you to explore at a leisurely pace. Despite the city’s compact size, its bus network efficiently connects you to the surrounding coastal resorts, ensuring that the beauty of Almería is always within reach. For those looking to delve deeper into Spain, Almería serves as a gateway with its direct train connections to major cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

The allure of Almería extends beyond its sunlit days and crystal-clear waters. The region’s micro-climate is a haven for those seeking a healthier lifestyle, offering relief for bone-related conditions and a promise of rejuvenation. With a vibrant expatriate community, Almería is not just a destination but a home for many seeking a blend of adventure and tranquillity. From kayaking through the tranquil waters of Cabo de Gata Natural Park to exploring the ancient walls of the Alcazaba, Almería is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered.

When considering a move to this splendid region, it’s essential to plan your journey meticulously. European removals to Almería require attention to detail, from managing utilities to choosing the right removals to Spain service. MyCheapRemovals stands ready to assist, ensuring your transition to Almería is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Whether you’re moving to Spain for its sunny disposition or the promise of a healthier lifestyle, Almería offers a welcoming embrace to all who choose to call it home.

Before embarking on your journey, remember that every move, especially international removals to Almería, demands thorough preparation. But fear not, for help is always at hand, from online resources to professional services designed to make your move to Spain a delightful adventure. Embrace the opportunity to create new memories in Almería, where every day is a step closer to the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Affordable Moving Solutions: Our Removal Costs to Almería

Moving to the vibrant and sun-drenched city of Almería from the UK symbolizes a fresh start in one of Spain’s most enchanting regions. With our specialized European removal services, this transition is not only achievable but also tailored to fit every need and budget. Whether you’re relocating a few items or your entire home, we offer scalable solutions to make your move efficient and cost-effective.


  • Part-load service: An economical choice for smaller moves, offering capacities of 5 and 10 cubic meters. This option is perfect for transporting selected items, providing an affordable and efficient solution.
  • Full-load service: Ideal for larger moves, available in 15, 20, and 30 cubic meters. This option allows for the flexibility of selecting your moving date, simplifying the process of moving your entire household.

Costs from Key UK Cities to Almería:


  • 5m3 – £989 (Deposit: £98.9)
  • 10m3 – £1349 (Deposit: £134.9)
  • 15m3 – £2199 (Deposit: £219.9)
  • 20m3 – £2949 (Deposit: £294.9)
  • 30m3 – £3589 (Deposit: £358.9)


  • 5m3 – £1069 (Deposit: £106.9)
  • 10m3 – £1469 (Deposit: £146.9)
  • 15m3 – £2409 (Deposit: £240.9)
  • 20m3 – £3259 (Deposit: £325.9)
  • 30m3 – £3899 (Deposit: £389.9)


  • 5m3 – £1159 (Deposit: £115.9)
  • 10m3 – £1599 (Deposit: £159.9)
  • 15m3 – £2629 (Deposit: £262.9)
  • 20m3 – £3569 (Deposit: £356.9)
  • 30m3 – £4209 (Deposit: £420.9)

Our quotes are comprehensive, including customs fees and any applicable taxes, ensuring you face no unexpected costs along your journey. At MyCheapRemovals, we pride ourselves on transparency and dedication to customer satisfaction, making your move to Almería as seamless and stress-free as possible.

No matter the scale of your relocation, we are here to support your move to Almería, offering services that align with your needs, budget, and timeline. Keep an eye on our platform for updated quotes, and take the first step towards embarking on your new life in Almería with confidence and ease.

Detailed information on the cost structure of removal services to Almería provided by MyCheapRemovals, possibly including different package options, what influences the cost, and how to get the best value.

Timely Relocations: Understanding Our Time Frames for Removals to Almeria

Understanding the timeline is a critical aspect of planning for European removals, particularly when relocating to Almería from the UK. While each move is unique and influenced by various factors, we aim to make the process as transparent and straightforward as possible.


The complexity of European removals, including the distance your items need to travel and the selected service type (full load vs. part load), significantly affects the timeline. Moves to Almería require meticulous planning due to the intricacies of European logistics and the longer distances involved.

Full Load Efficiency:

Choosing a full-load service, which is best suited for an entire home move, tends to expedite the relocation process. This efficiency stems from eliminating the additional stops required for part-load removals, thereby making “removals to Almería” more streamlined and direct. For large removals, we strive to complete deliveries within up to 3 days, ensuring a quick and efficient transition to your new home.

Part-Load Considerations:

For smaller removals, the timeline can extend up to 5 days. This longer window accommodates the logistical requirements of combining shipments, maximizing the cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability of your move. Despite the extended timeframe, our commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction remains paramount.

Preparation and Packing:

Your preparation plays a vital role in the moving process. Properly packing your belongings not only safeguards them during transit but also optimizes the loading and unloading phases. Our team is always on hand to assist with these tasks, ensuring a seamless move to Almería.

Special Considerations:

For moves involving collections or deliveries to self-storage facilities in Almería, we recommend arranging additional support for our drivers to expedite the process.

Successful European removals, especially to a destination like Almería, hinge on comprehensive planning and open communication. By familiarizing yourself with these elements and preparing accordingly, you can greatly enhance the efficiency and speed of your relocation. Whether your move is large, requiring up to 3 days, or smaller, necessitating up to 5 days, our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and timely transition to Almería.


Relocating to Spain, including the beautiful city of Almería, necessitates thorough preparation, especially in terms of customs clearance for moving your possessions from the UK to the EU. To ensure a seamless move and adherence to customs regulations, you’ll need to prepare the following documents:


A comprehensive inventory list is essential for customs clearance. This list should cover:

  • The total number of items being moved.
  • The volume and weight of each item, alongside the overall volume and weight (estimations are accepted).
  • The value of each item and the total value (estimations are accepted).
  • A declaration stating that the goods are over 6 months old, to qualify for certain customs exemptions.

The list must be dated and signed either by hand or electronically. You may print the list, sign it, and provide a photo or scanned copy for submission.


A copy of your passport or ID card is required to confirm your identity.


Documentation indicating your future residence in Spain is needed. Acceptable proofs include:

  • Recent bank or credit/debit card statements.
  • Utility bills from the last few months.
  • Rental or storage agreement.


You must also provide proof of your residence at your previous address for the past 12 months. Valid documentation may be one of the following:

  • Council Tax Bill.
  • Utility bill with a 12-month history.
  • Payslips for the last 12 months.
  • An employment contract or Tax Return.


A non-cession document, which we will provide, needs to be filled out. This document confirms that you are not transferring ownership of your goods during the move.


We will supply the necessary forms required for customs in Spain, ensuring you have all the documentation needed for a smooth customs clearance process.

Gathering these documents in advance will help streamline the customs clearance, allowing you to focus on settling into your new life in Spain. Our team is ready to assist with any questions or help you may need with these documents, ensuring your move to Almería is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Overview of the necessary documents for moving belongings to Almería, Spain, including customs forms, identification, and any specific paperwork required for certain items.

Summing Up Your Move to Almería with MyCheapRemovals

Almería, Spain’s southeastern gem, offers an idyllic setting for those seeking a blend of historical richness, serene beaches, and a vibrant community. MyCheapRemovals facilitate your relocation journey to this sun-drenched city with tailored European removal services designed for efficiency, affordability, and ease. From the bustling streets of London, and the vibrant landscapes of Manchester, to the historic richness of Glasgow, our comprehensive service packages ensure your move to Almería is seamless and stress-free.

**Service Highlights:**

  • Flexible Options: Whether you opt for part-load for smaller relocations or full-load for moving your entire household, we offer services that cater to every need and budget.
  • Transparent Pricing: Our clear, comprehensive quotes include all customs fees and taxes, ensuring no hidden costs. With services starting from as low as £989 from London to Almería, moving to Spain has never been more accessible.
  • Timely Delivery: Understanding the essence of time, we aim for up to 3 days of delivery for large removals and up to 5 days for smaller ones, depending on your service choice and preparation.
  • Required Documentation: We streamline your move with a checklist of necessary documents for customs clearance, including inventory lists, identification, and proof of address. Our team provides all specific forms required for Spain, ensuring a smooth transition.

Choosing MyCheapRemovals for your move to Almería means opting for a service that understands the intricacies of European relocation, values transparent communication, and prioritizes your satisfaction. Our dedicated team is here to support you through every step, from initial planning to final unloading, making your dream move to Almería a reality.

Embrace the opportunity to start anew in Almería with MyCheapRemovals. Contact us today to begin your journey to a life filled with sunshine, culture, and adventure in one of Spain’s most beloved regions.

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