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Best Places for Brits to Live When Moving to Portugal

by MatthewMoving to Portugal

For many Brits contemplating a sunnier lifestyle, moving from the UK to Portugal offers an enticing blend of warm weather, rich culture, and a relaxed pace of life. Drawing on valuable insights from expat forums and discussions, this guide reflects real-life experiences and advice from UK residents who have successfully made the move. As a prime destination for UK expats, Portugal presents a variety of locales, each with its distinct charm. From the historic streets of Lisbon to the serene beaches of the Algarve, here’s our expat guide on where to move in Portugal from the UK.

Albufeira and the Algarve Region:

The Algarve, with Albufeira at its core, is a top pick for those moving to Portugal from the UK. Known for its stunning beaches and strong British expat presence, it offers a seamless transition for UK residents seeking a beachside paradise.

Lisbon and Nearby Coastal Gems:

Lisbon, Portugal’s vibrant capital, is a magnet for Brits moving to Portugal. The nearby coastal towns of Cascais and Torres Vedras are ideal for those who desire a quiet, coastal lifestyle while still being close to the capital’s buzz.


For UK expats moving to Portugal in search of a city steeped in history and academia, Coimbra is an excellent choice. It’s a perfect blend of Portugal’s rich past and the conveniences of modern life.

Northern Delights: Braga and Guimarães:

For those looking to dive deep into Portuguese culture after moving from the UK to Portugal, the northern cities of Braga and Guimarães offer a truly authentic experience, rich in history and tradition.

The Silver Coast and Setubal Region:

A hidden gem for those planning to move to Portugal from the UK, the Silver Coast and Setubal region offer tranquillity and value. These areas provide an ideal setting for a peaceful life, away from the tourist crowds, yet within easy reach of Lisbon.

Leiria and Batalha:

Balancing peaceful living with urban accessibility, Leiria and Batalha are excellent choices for UK expats moving to Portugal. These towns offer a serene lifestyle, close to both beaches and the capital.

Porto and the North:

Porto, renowned for its unique charm and cultural richness, is a favoured destination for UK expats moving to Portugal. For those seeking a quieter life, northern towns like Vila Nova de Cerveira offer a peaceful setting with the charm of Portugal’s rural landscape.


For those in the UK looking to move to Portugal, the country offers a diverse range of destinations to suit every lifestyle. From Lisbon’s lively streets to the Algarve’s sandy beaches, each region has its unique appeal. When planning your move to Portugal from the UK, visiting these areas to find your perfect match is key to a successful transition.

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