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Is Moving to Portugal the Key to Tax Benefits for Expatriates?

by Justyna BartaMoving to Portugal

Living and working abroad has become increasingly popular over the last decade, with destinations like Portugal drawing wealthy individuals from around the world.
As these expatriates navigate the complexities of relocation, our specialized removal services offer a hassle-free solution. We understand the intricacies of international moves, including the tax benefits Portugal offers, ensuring a smooth transition for those looking to make this beautiful country their new home.

Portugal stands out as one of the premier destinations for living, retiring, or investing, thanks to its array of attractive policies and benefits. Key among these is the country’s exceptional EU residency program tailored for investors.
This program stands out for its minimal stay requirements, coupled with the opportunity to obtain an EU passport in just six years.
Additionally, Portugal is renowned as an advantageous tax haven for pensioners and high-net-worth individuals, offering a 10-year exemption on most non-Portuguese source income.
Beyond these financial incentives, the real estate market in Portugal is among the top globally, marked by its stability and potential for investment growth.
The combination of these factors not only underscores Portugal’s financial and lifestyle benefits but also highlights its status as a hub for international residents seeking a blend of economic advantage and
quality living.

Portugal has long attracted expatriates looking for warmer climes, good food, and a relaxing pace of life. In recent years, the wide range of entry visas and attractive tax breaks for new residents have seen Portugal’s popularity soar. To facilitate this growing interest, our removal services offer tailored solutions for those looking to make this scenic country their new home, ensuring a seamless transition to Portugal’s inviting lifestyle.

Non-Habitual Residence Program (NHR)

Other tax systems have designed tax incentives to encourage expats to move and live in their countries. The Non-Habitual Residence Program (NHR – Portugal) is one such scheme in Portugal. Recognizing the complexities involved in such international moves, our company provides comprehensive removal services, assisting clients in navigating the logistical challenges of relocating to Portugal.

The non-habitual residence (NHR) tax regime, introduced in 2009, can provide tax benefits for an individual in their first ten years of residence in Portugal. As experts in international removals, we are well-versed in the specifics of such programs, offering our clients informed guidance and support throughout their move.

This tax regime in Portugal is a game-changer for many individuals looking to optimize their tax liability. As you plan your move, our team stands ready to provide efficient and reliable removal services, ensuring your belongings arrive safely in Portugal. With our experience, we make integrating into “Europe’s best-kept tax secret” a stress-free experience.

The Non-Habitual Residency program offers significant tax advantages, and our removal services complement these benefits by offering a hassle-free relocation experience. Whether it’s for professionals or skilled workers, our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals moving to Portugal.

To qualify for the non-habitual residence program, you must have the right to reside in Portugal. As part of our services, we offer assistance in understanding these requirements and preparing for your move, ensuring a smooth transition to becoming a resident of Portugal.

You become a tax resident either by spending 183 days or more per year in Portugal or by establishing a “place of abode” there. Our removal services are designed to cater to these specific needs, providing support whether you’re renting or purchasing property in Portugal.

This program is an excellent opportunity for those seeking to live in Europe without heavy residency obligations. Our removal services are tailored to support such aspirations, offering expert guidance and efficient transport of your belongings to Portugal. On this website you can find more details: https://www.portugal.com/moving-to-portugal/guide-to-the-non-habitual-resident-nhr-tax-regime/

Lastly, the allure of a powerful Portuguese passport is undeniable. As you embark on this journey, our removal services will be a vital part of your relocation process, ensuring that your move to Portugal is as seamless and efficient as possible.

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