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Average removals costs to France

by MatthewMoving to France

Are you thinking about moving to France? If so, you’ll need to consider the cost of transporting your belongings. In this guide, we’ll discuss the average costs of partial removals to France so that you can budget for your move.

What is a “Partial Removal Service”?

Let’s consider two different situations: you moving (for example to France) from a one-bedroom flat in London to a similar size accommodation in Paris. From our years of experience here at MyCheapRemovals, we know you can pack your items to the maximum volume of 10 cubic meters. The most common type of vehicle in the international removal industry is a “Luton Van” with a normal maximum of 20 cubic meters capacity – and as important as the volume – 1500 kg of weight.
So now we end up with half of the available space occupied by … air. Sounds like a little bit of waste – don’t you think? Consider also an effect on the environment. In those days vans and lorries still used fossil fuels that burn and emit CO2.
How can we make it more efficient?
Simple – add another 10 cubic meters of goods from another customer and make this a “Partial Removal Service” – you take a part of the available volume of a van and another customer another part.
There are a number of advantages to this solution:

  1. Price – you don’t pay for the full 20 cubic meters of available volume, which is practised by some removal companies,
  2. Less pollution – With the current state of our transportation technology, CO2 emissions are unavoidable. Combining two removals (or sometimes even three if we move 10 cubic meters + 5 + 5) there is no need for an increased number of journeys.
  3. Our customer support team and logistics department can offer further discounts if we find more than one removal request from the same city or even county.

Another situation will be when you move content of a 2 or more bedrooms house – in this scenario, you’d need to consider dedicated service.  As in this article, we concentrate on partial removal services we will leave it here.

Partial Removal Services to France – costs.

Here comes the essence of this guide – prices. You may think it’s easy to get an instant quote for such a service but you can’t be more wrong. The majority of our competitors don’t offer such a facility on their websites – instant removal quote. Even if you find one (or two …)  where you can receive a number of quotes to compare, you’ll end up with prices that include all unnecessary additions within the price – don’t mention the commission for the “comparison” website.

So, as France is a large country – nearly 1000 km straight from Dunkirk to Perpignan – prices for partial removal services from the UK need to be calculated based on distance and volume each time. Luckily, we came up with a clever algorithm to do this, but to give you a rough idea here are a few examples:

  1. London to Paris – 5 cubic meters: £729, 10 cubic meters: £859.
  2. London to Lyon – 5 cubic meters – only £759, and 10 cubic meters only £929

Let’s see what the prices for small removal to France look like if you’d be moving from a different part of the UK:

  1. Bristol to Nice – smallest option – 5 cubic meters (or a quarter of the Luton Van) – just £919, double the volume to 10 cubic meters: £1149
  2. Aberdeen to Paris – 5 cubic meters: £839, 10 cubic meters: 1049

Keep in mind  – if you book your removal to France with us above prices cover all costs, including:

  • fuel and ferry costs,
  • custom fees,
  • the first hour of loading and unloading your goods – if you think you’ll need more of his time – please let us know in advance  – we can arrange it for a small fee of £20 per hour.
  • standard “Goods in Transit” insurance  that covers up to £ 20,000 (that’s why we’re asking for a list of items and their values),

Small Removals to France – how to?

It’s a very simple process with MyCheapRemovals.

Use our instant removal quote form – available on this page as well – to get an instant removal to France quote. Once you decide to book a service with us, we’ll ask for only a 10% deposit to secure a date/time slot – we do have a lot of vans and lorries, but this isn’t an infinitive number.

Prepare your inventory list (we’ll send you an Excel spreadsheet – if you don’t have this software, Google Sheets will be as good as) and look after our communication. Keep in mind that when you’ll be filling up a collection/destination form the date you’ll enter, for us will be the latest when we’ll be collecting your goods.

For example:
You moving only 10 cubic meters from London to Lyon.

  1. You receive our email with quotes (not only 10 – you can change your mind to go with 5 or 15 … or any other volume option),
  2. Click on the “Book Now”button in the email,
  3. Provide the latest collection day,
  4. Provide addresses,
  5. From there you’ll be asked to pay a 10% deposit – we use the most secure online payment system – Stripe.com

That’s it. We’ll pick up from there. Initially, we’ll give you a 2-day span for collection, but for specific days and hours, we’ll confirm a day before your removal to France ( … o any other country).

We’ll be staying in touch with you and will be informing you about the progress.

All the above apply to all our removals – moving to Spain, moving to Italy… any country  – pretty much the same.

Prices checked in September 2023. Procedures stay the same … until Britain joins the EU again 🙂




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Instant removal quote

MyCheapRemovals, as not many of removal services provider, can send you an instant removal quote. Here last few for a guide:

Stamford, UK São Brás de Alportel, Portugal£1209£1619£2499
Leysin, Switzerland Stamford, United Kingdom£979£1609£2309
Sheffield, UK Malmö, Sweden£1509£1839£2559
Dundee, UK Aosta, Aosta Valley, Italy£1099£1369£2159
Budapest, Węgry Portsmouth, Wielka Brytania£929£1149£1959
Prague, Czechia London, UK£769£919£1579
Budapest, Hungary Newport, Isle of Wight, UK£939£1159£1979

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