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Removals to Norway – Frequently Asked Questions

by MatthewMoving to Norway

If you planning to move to Norway, here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to move from the UK to Norway with MyCheapRemovals?

Most of our reviews indicate the low price as our main asset, but we are much more than that!

So how much would it cost you to move from the UK to Norway?

Checking the price is very easy and straightforward, and you can do it within a few seconds with our Instant Removal Quote. The price always goes automatically from our system, and it is related to the volume of your load and the distance. Yes – no middle man and you won’t find us on removal comparison websites, therefore we can guarantee you the best price for your removal to Norway.


  • London to Oslo – 5m3 for only £1259.
  • London to Steinkjer – 5m3 for £1429.
  • London to Stavanger – 10m3 for only £1839. Book a dedicated 20m3 van, and pay £2389.

How long does it take for my belongings to arrive in Norway?

The journey usually takes between three to six days. The exact delivery time of your goods depends on the van size you choose.

20m3 and 30m3 (full load) option is the quickest to deliver, as the van once loaded goes straight to your delivery address. In this case, the delivery might be expected three or four days after the collection.

Smaller loads, such as 5 cubic meters, 10 and 15 cubic meters – our part-load options slightly – postpone the delivery, as those will include other customers’ addresses on the route. Nevertheless, the idea of joining your removal with someone else tremendously contributes to the low price! As to the delivery, it may take five or six days before your precious belongings reach the final destination in Norway. Therefore, you gain some time to arrange your flight or a helping hand with unloading the goods.

I’m moving to Norway – what documents I will need?

For customs clearance, we require:

  1. The inventory list includes:
    1. total number of items
    2. the volume of each item and the total volume (can be an estimate)
    3. weight of each item and the total weight (can be an estimate)
    4. value of each item and the total value (can be an estimate)
    5. the statement, that the goods are over 6 months old
    6. date and handwritten/electronic signature (you can print the list, sign it, and send the photos/scan, etc.)
  2. A copy of your passport/ID,
  3. Proof of the destination address (current bank statements or credit/debit card statements, current utility bills, a rental contract, storage contract, etc),
  4. Proof of living in the previous address for the last 12 months.
    Here is a list of Valid documents (one of them should be enough):
    • Council TAX Bill
    • Utility bill showing 12 months old history
    • Payslip for the last 12 months
    • Job contract
    • Tax Return
  5. Filled in non-cession document
  6. Filled-in CERFA
  7. Norwegian personal number/D-number/TRK number

If you do not have a temporary personal number, you can go to the side “toll.no”, and search for TRK. There they can apply for a TRK number.

What are the living costs in Norway in comparison to the UK?

If you’re looking for a better quality of life, and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, Norway can be a great country to consider moving to. Before making the permanent move, here are some positives and negatives to consider:


  • Excellent healthcare system
  • Free universities
  • More eco-friendly
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Higher wages
  • Less expensive rental prices
  • Strong economy
  • Low crime rates


  • More expensive to purchase properties
  • Colder weather compared to the UK
  • You will need to speak Norwegian adequately to live in Norway permanently

Can I move to Norway with my pet?

Yes, it is possible to take your pet with you when you move to Norway from the UK. However, if your dog or cat is being transported “non-commercially,” they must fly within five days of their owner.
If you cannot meet this 5-Day Rule, the move can still be carried out, but it will be considered a commercial move, which increases costs and changes the EU import requirements and timeline. In such cases, you will need to meet stricter import requirements.

Banned dog breeds in Norway

Not all dog breeds are allowed in this country. You may not be able to bring your pet if they are one of the following breeds (or a mix of one):

  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian Mastiff)
  • Tosa Inu

Your pet will need a rabies antibody test, also known as a titer. In this case, you must follow the below steps:

Microchip and rabies vaccination (at least 30 days old before blood draw)
Rabies antibody test performed by an accredited veterinarian and sent to an EU-approved laboratory.
Before completing export paperwork, you must wait 90 days after the blood draw (assuming a passing result).

Customer feedback

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Instant removal quote

MyCheapRemovals, as not many of removal services provider, can send you an instant removal quote. Here last few for a guide:

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Xàtiva, Spain Brighton, Brighton and Hove, UK£969£1249£2049
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Coventry, UK Valencia, Spain£979£1279£2099

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