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Moving to Poland – places worth to be seen

by MatthewRemovals to Poland

What places are worth to be seen in Poland?

If you plan to move to Poland other than the growing economy and relatively low living costs, there are a number of interesting places where you can spend your free time.

Life has been quite difficult for Poland, an eastern European country that has been invaded and destroyed many times over the centuries. The country suffered mightily in World War II but the Polish spirit survived, and now Poland is one of the hottest destinations in Europe. Relatively cheap airlines and coach connections have opened up Poland’s wonders to more and more people in recent years.

With its medieval architecture, mountains, expansive national parks, rugged coastlines and numerous lakes, Poland has so much to offer! Let’s take a closer look at the places worth seeing in this mysterious eastern European country.

Southern Poland

  1. The Tatra Mountains
    TatryThe Tatra Mountains and National Park is a natural border between Slovakia and Poland. The Polish side of the park has over 270 kilometres of hiking trails. There are numerous waterfalls, streams, and mountain lakes – the biggest of which is Morskie Oko which can be reached after a two-hour hike through hills and a forest. The lake changes colour throughout the year, transforming from a deep shade of blue to a softer turquoise hue. Some say this place can be as breathtaking as the famous Lake District in the United Kingdom. If you moving to the southern part of Poland, this will be your place to go, if you like hiking and mountain climbing.
  2. Bieszczady Mountains
    The Bieszczady Mountains are a massive range that extends all the way to Ukraine and Slovakia. They are unique because of their alpine pastures called “połoninas” (a type of mountain meadow) that only occurs in the Carpathian region. Because the valleys and meadows softly slope up and down, they are a perfect destination for hiking.
    Polonina Wetlinska, topping at 1,255 meters, is one of the most famous meadow trails — a picturesque, soft climb that should take around two hours. The guest house at the top offers not only snacks and drinks but also a warm bed for those who want to extend their adventure.
    A large section of the Bieszczady Mountains is part of the UNESCO East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, home to brown bears, wolves, and bison.
  3. Ojcow National Park
    Ojcow National Park is Poland’s smallest national park at just 21.46 square kilometres. Its heavily forested area is home to towering limestone cliffs, over 400 caves, and two river valleys. More than 500 species of butterflies inhabit the park — in spring and summer, they take over the trails and are a sight to behold.
    The Trail of the Eagles’ Nests, Poland’s most famous tourist and hiking trail, connects 25 castles and watchtowers, including the Renaissance castle at Pieskowa Skala and the ruins of a Gothic castle, both of which fall within the park boundaries. There are also two museums in the park, including a branch of the National Art Collection.
  4. Krakow
    KrakowKrakow is one of Poland’s must-visit cities as well. You will fall in love with Krakow if you are a fan of mysterious cafes, crowded pubs, rich architecture and engaging museums.
    There are many things to do in Krakow, so you can be sure that this city will not bore you.
    Your stay in Krakow should start in the Old Town. Do some shopping in Sukiennice and then visit the museum in the Main Square underground. Take some pictures of Barbican, St. Mary’s Basilica, and Florian’s Gate and enjoy the long walk through Planty Park.
    If you are looking for some Krakow avant-garde Kazimierz district should be on your must-see list! It’s famous for the best restaurants in Krakow, tiny shops with souvenirs, bars with unique ambience and friendly locals. Krakow is also the best place if you want to try delicious Polish food and learn a little about Polish culture
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Central Poland

  1. Warsaw – the capital city of Poland
    Warsaw is probably the most famous city in Poland. No wonder – there is only one capital of that country, but Warsaw is also special for many other reasons.
    There are a lot of interesting monuments in Warsaw, like the Royal Castle, the historical Old Town, the Royal Wilanów and the Royal Baths Park. Warsaw is also a great place for shopping, clubbing and long, nice walks as there are many squares and colourful streets there.
    You will be surprised by the number of interesting and open people living in Warsaw. This city is also full of exciting events, concerts and shows and the unique mixture of post-communist buildings and modern architecture will certainly impress you!
  2. Toruń
    Toruń is a historical city in north-central Poland and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is famous for its traditional gingerbread, exceptional architecture and Nicolaus Copernicus – the famous astronomer.
    But Toruń offers much more, so if you stay there at least for the weekend, that would be an unforgettable time!
    This city is full of wonderful churches, tourist routes, castles, towers, and gates. You can visit many museums and theatres there. It has an enormous Vistula panorama as well!

North of Poland – the coastline

  1. Isle of Wolin
    Since 1945, this island on the Baltic Sea has been legally divided between Poland and Germany. Nicknamed “the sun island” because of how many hours of sunshine it receives every year. Wolin is a popular holiday destination for both countries.
    Soft white beaches, seaside resorts, and plenty of summer sports and activities are the main attractions, but the island is also home to a private botanical garden (open only during the warm months), the remnants of the Karnin Lift railway bridge (now designated as a Historic Symbol of Engineering in Germany), and the Dannenfeldt Mausoleum and cemetery. Lakes, nature reserves, and manicured gardens are also dotted around the island.
  2. Hel Peninsula
    The Hel Peninsula (or Hel Split) is for many people a paradise on Earth. Sandy’s scythe, due to its shape, departs from the mainland and digs deep into the Baltic Sea. It separates the waters – disturbed Baltic Sea from the Gulf of Gdansk and the peaceful Puck Bay.
    Due to the unique location of the Spit, You visit one place with two different landscapes – impatient, typically marine and calm, relaxed from the side of Puck, Rewa and Gdynia.
    The areas of the Hel Peninsula were inhabited in the Stone Age. Today, on 35 kilometres of land, there is a land full of beaches, forests and typical marine vegetation.
  3. Tricity
    Poland can boast of a long coastline of the Baltic Sea. Thanks to that all Polish families have a huge variety of lovely beaches to spend their spare time.
    Anyway, sand and saltwater are not the only things you can find in the North of Poland.
    Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot are the cities you definitely should visit. Together they form the unique and famous Tricity.
    Each city is different and has a lot to offer. People love the special, calm climate and the freshness of the air there. Tricity surprises with a lot of interesting events, especially in summer.


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